[17:08] <Aquarion> Nevermind, Mr Irish. Nevermind.

[17:08] <a_irish> What's Nevermind? Is it like NeverWorld?
[17:08] <Aquarion> GH: Possibly, but I was sure that at least one other person would recognise it in context.
[17:08] <Aquarion> It's more like Neverwhere. really.

[17:08] <Guitar_Hu> a_i: It's a Nirvana album :)

[17:09] <Aquarion> Only not as well written, and the TV series looked less like sub-Dr-Who Dr Who.

[17:09] <Guitar_Hu> Aq: I thought you were going off into "The Redemption of Althalus"
[17:10] <Aquarion> GH: Wash thy mouth out.

[17:10] <Guitar_Hu> Aq: Nothing wrong with it

[17:11] <Aquarion> tRoA does not only suck entire technophobic authors though thin meshes of cheesewire, but the cracks within it where you can see they cut a trilogy down to a single book are unforgivable

[17:12] <Guitar_Hu> Aq: If I read "Be nice" or "I thought I noticed you noticing" one more time, I will scream.
[17:12] <ppint> gui hui: ta; would you want the album names ?
[17:12] <Aquarion> They had such a wonderful world to set it in, and then they glued a substandard plot and archtypical charectors onto it

[17:14] <Aquarion> Sparhawkia and Eriondia at least had some new bits, and the ending of tRoA isn't even tacky enough to be good, Not even Deus Ex Machina enough to actually close the crappy excuse for a plot
[17:14] <Aquarion> </rant>

[17:15] * Corinne pats Aquarion until he is calm
[17:15] <Corinne> there there

[17:15] <Corinne> crap books do get written
[17:15] <Guitar_Hu> Aq: I'm only half way through tRoA. Don't tell me the butler did it...
[17:15] <Aquarion> Ah, sorry, I assumed you'd finished it.
[17:16] <Guitar_Hu> No, I only picked it up on the weekend. Not impressed so far, though.
[17:16] <Aquarion> Corinne: But it's another of my favourite authors beginning to write like Bad Fanfic, First Feist, Now Eddings, next Neil Gaiman or Terry will start.
[17:17] <Corinne> you have to admit eddings ran out of plot a long time ago

[17:17] <Corinne> well you don't have to, but he did :)

[17:17] <Guitar_Hu> Corinne: But at least he had the bottle to write a book on how he did it :)
[17:17] <Aquarion> Yes, but Eddings doesn't usually use plots in the same way modern authors do, more as they were once used before writing
[17:18] <Aquarion> s/writing/printing/

[17:18] <Corinne> there weren't exactly tons of fiction novels written before printing
[17:18] <Aquarion> By which I mean you have the bare-bones of some plots, some charectors, and some objects, and you make a gumbo out of them and whatever you feel like performing tonight

[17:20] <Aquarion> So I can live with Elena becoming the cat, and I can live with Athalus being Silk and Belgarath, but nod when Eddings runs out of plot and <SPOILER> <SPOILER> <SPOILER>
[17:21] <Aquarion> And now you've started me ranting again, damn you :-P
[17:21] * lonecat distracts Aquarion