The Great Linkback Idea

Simply add edit the code below, and paste it into your diary/weblog. Easy, Isn't it?

Which will look like this: (no, the code doesn't have the box, and the colours and font will depend on your site)

The great linkback idea

Everybody who writes weblogs/journals also reads them. Almost. So as an experiment to see how far this goes I'm trying to get everyone who reads this - and who also writes a journal/weblog - to link back to the first place they saw this text.

In this case, Wherever_you_came_from

Do this by either taking the code from this site (View source, copy, paste, post) or grabbing it from and editing it. Lets see how far this can spread.

if you have any questions, or comments, Aquarion (who started this horrible mess) can be reached either at or via his Diary. The weblogs/journals he reads are linked on this page.

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