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From: Stuart Langridge (aquarius-lists@kryogenix.org)
Date: Sat Sep 07 2002 - 10:14:22 BST

Adrian Holovaty spoo'd forth:
> --Permalinks to parts of blog entries. Some of my entries get really long,
> and I think it would be a good feature to be able to link to a part of it.
> (I had a discussion about this with Stuart, et al, before this nifty e-mail
> list.) I'm still undecided on how this would happen.

We ought to revive this discussion now that we have a more public forum

My personal opinion is that this isn't really a good feature, for two
main reasons, one more valid than the other.

The first is that I really cannot think of a UI for creating the
permalink to an arbitrary part of a blog post that is anything other
than horrifically confusing. I can imagine, say, something which showed
permalinks to each paragraph of a post (say, a small # as a link, which
wouldn't be too difficult), but linking to arbitrarily chosen bits is
difficult to think about.

The second is that none of my posts are long enough to bother linking
to a *part* of them. This is the less valid reason ;)

Conceptually a link to a part of a post isn't that hard to do from the
server's point of view, but I really cannot think of a way that an end
user could *generate* those links...


"Aq's gone off me so many times I'm surprised he hasn't
 rotted away by now. ;)"
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