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From: mort (
Date: Sat Sep 07 2002 - 17:15:41 BST

On Sat, 2002-09-07 at 17:36, Jim Dabell wrote:

> - ------------------------------------------------------
> The following sites have linked to this article:
> - - link 1
> - - link 2
> - ------------------------------------------------------
> I may move this to a "slashbox"-style section down the side, as I already
> have a few things there like rss feeds. It seems simple enough - perhaps
> too wordy for a simple link? I think I would go with "linked from" or
> similar.

That's fine. My point was just making it simple enough to be understood
by the majority of readers, without throwing too much jargon at their
faces. A lot of solutions fit into that.

Or maybe i'm just a little too nielsen-ish today :)

> A similar question: my "full article" link is exactly the same as my
> permalink - would it be wiser to get rid of one (two links going to the
> same place = confusing & unnecessary), or would it be better to keep it
> (permalink is instantly recognisable to those who know what it means)?

>From my view, if they are semantically different / have different
functions, both links should exist. If I scan the page looking for one
of them and can't find it, it may be not clear that one link covers both

Besides, i can't picture anyone thinking "What?! The "permalink" points
to the same URL as the "full article"? I'm so confused!! I feel all
dizzy inside! This weblog be dammed!" :-)

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