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From: Ian Hickson (
Date: Sun Sep 08 2002 - 21:18:18 BST

On Sun, 8 Sep 2002, Jim Dabell wrote:
> Okay, well I've got a few proposals for additions and alterations, based on
> the last version. The big thing is the addition of the generic XML
> description file already discussed here.

I am extremely wary of including this in the spec (and even more wary of
implementing it!), for two reasons: first, it feels overengineered, and
second, we have already established that it is possible to write XML-RPC
proxies for this kind of stuff instead.

Indeed, there are already three XML-RPC server proxies written: one to
convert pingbacks into Referrer hits, one to convert them into GET
requests with parameters, and one to send e-mail.

Do you need any others? Note that none of these require any special
handling on the side of the client (which might be implemented in a
bookmarklet, so we the protocol to be as simple as possible).

> By the way, I was unaware that <link> could also be specified as an
> HTTP header. Does anybody have a link to more information? Is it
> really that hard to parse?

Check the old HTTP specs. It's been removed in more recent releases, due
to lack of UA support. (Mozilla supports it now.)

I've made some changes to the intro and the abstract and called it 0.9.2.

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