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From: Paul Freeman (
Date: Tue Sep 10 2002 - 16:44:46 BST

Stuart wrote:

> You're not kidding, dude. I take two days off to actually get paid for
> work and come back to loads of scratch-your-head important posts that I
> have to think about at 4am. This is not helping my blood pressure ;)

It's even worse if you're ill for a week, and come back to it.
Reading earlier threads not knowing if it has all been sorted out.


> I shall present my case for simplicity.

I, too, want to backup the case for simplicity.

I also think the simpler the model, the more likely it is it will be
taken into existing blogging software. As it stands, I can see MT
taking PingBack like a shot, especially as it is very similar to
TrackBack. If you present PingBack+ with its multiple functions and
layers, they might quite easily say "Too complicated to implement in
the next release; explain it again please?"

> I think the distinction, as I've said elsewhere, is that these other
> methods of pingback should be being implemented as layers on top of
> Pingback rather than as an integral part of the spec. I can see users
> who are writing Pingback code but don't want to use XML-RPC doing a GET
> on
> example. Or going to a form on that server which then calls that very
> page.

All the lot of these ideas are really interesting and would be great
to implement.


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