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From: C. Cooke (
Date: Wed Oct 02 2002 - 16:28:05 BST

On 2 Oct 2002, mort wrote:

> Phil and Stuart, I really dig this kind of think-out-of-the-box
> feedback. Thank you very much.
> I still see lecture notes more like blog posts (1 post per day per
> category = 1 set of notes per day per subject) I see wikis more
> appropiate for freeform discussion. Maybe it's only cos i'm more
> experienced with blogs than with wikis, and not fully understand the
> wiki format. Still i can see easily how wikis would make for a great
> conversation space for teachers and students, better than blog comments,
> or maybe even experimenting with online clases.

How, then, will you cope with correction of an inaccurate lecture note?

Some format that allows collaboration is better when there is one, true

> About the input, i had thought mainly about non-math subjects so i think
> MT standard entry form + a text editor would do. Other subjects would
> need a different treatment, of course.

LaTeX parser for inputting to a blog, anyone?

X=80;Y=25;((Z=X*Y));O=(X+1 X X-1 1);a(){ for((p=0;p<Z;p++));do((y=p/X+1,x=p%X+\
1));q=${B[p]};z=0;[ $i ]||B[$p]=$(($RANDOM%3));for e in ${O[@]} ${O[@]//#/-};d\
o(((j=p-e)>0))&&((0${B[j]}>0))&&((z++));done;c=\ ;(($z==3))&&c=1;(($z==2))&&c=\
$q;echo -ne "\E[$y;${x}H$c";A[p]=$c;done;((i++));B=( "${A[@]}" );a;};a # ccooke
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