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From: Ian Hickson (
Date: Sun Dec 29 2002 - 04:09:05 GMT

On Sat, 28 Dec 2002, lenz wrote:
> Please consider it's a draft and treat it accordingly. I just wanted
> to stimulate discussion on it. :-)

I am indeed treating it as a draft. :-)

> 3. The point of SR is not simply permalink autodiscovery given a
> referer; it's more obtaining a resource description (be it a title,
> an abstract, an image or even a permalink) that can be readily used in
> a semi or fully automated way to estabilish a reciprocal link to the
> resource linking to our site.

That problem (given a URI, getting metadata for it) has already been
solved: RDF. I urge you to avoid reinventing the wheel.

> 4. About the legal status of the document, I believe I own natural rights
> on it. I can say "I want it to be public domain", "I want it to be GPLed",
> "I want to restrict the right to develop commercial software out of it".

I am not a lawyer, but as I understand it, you own the copyright on the
document, but that says nothing about any rights on the technology: for
that you need patents.

That is to say, you are allowed to restrict the copying of the document
and its modifications. However, you are not allowed to restrict the
creation of new documents or software which happens to implement the spec.

I would recommend speaking to a lawyer about this, though.

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