What is Blogite?

Blogite is a mailinglist for people with Compulsive Weblog Fiddling Disorder, a failing which makes people do strange things, like spend entire days making their weblog conform to standards that no browser yet knows about, let alone supports properly.

How can I join?

Send an email to

from the email addy you want to subscribe to. Or visit the Mailman Listinfo page That's it.

Are archives of the list available?

Two sets, September 02 -> March 03 and, post Mailman installation, March 03 -> Present

Why is this page so badly designed?

Because I spent a couple of days playing with it, then realised I needed to put *something* up. It won't be like this for long :-)

(six months later So we regressed back to 1993. I'll put something better up when the list is living again :-)

Who are you anyway?

I'm Aquarion. List Admin for blogite. My weblog (and the rest of my site) is at http://www.aquarionics.com.

Does NS4 really suck as much as you say it does?

If you put three copies onto any computer, you will then be able to use the floppy drive as a vacuum cleaner.

Have you run out of questions then?

Oh. You guessed. And I was doing so well

Shall I go then?


aquarion@aquarionics.com, updated 02 September 2002.