This is what it is:

I've spent three and a half years this week doing this weblog. That's two and a half years of diarizing my life, and a year of "Weblogging" propery, discussing stuff with people far better at this than I am. Since I started Weblogging "properly" last year, I've written nothing. That is, I have fifteen fragments of four stories, two of which could be novel-length, and I wrote most of those while I was ABEND in Febuary. The Theory runs thusly: If I stop weblogging for a while - and I don't know what the definition of a while is yet - I might get some writing done, and since writing is the thing that I think I'm good at - far more than any of the stuff I blathered on about for months on here - I have decided that it's worth the experiment and the number of complaints I've had that the site is down.

That number is zero, though I've had several messages asking if I've dived overboard again. The answer is No. I am Fine and the site will return when I have some real content to give you.

Keep Clear of the Fairies.

-- Aquarion

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