Long Lost Toonz

Once upon a time, I was a Music Student, and played with Octamed on the amiga. Now they have brought out a PC Version, and I can turn all my Modules into MP3s for you. Arn't you lucky?

My Mad Toonz

From the tutorial in Amiga Format that I learnt octamed with. The tune is a classic, the bassline of the solo is ripped shamelessly from Muppet Babies, and it's not really very good.
A little tune. 30 seconds long.
Murder In The Dark
Composed over many years in my head, put into Octamed for the Murder In Mascalls Library II event, and now here on MP3 for you.
Murder In The Dark (Valhalla Remix)
As above, but with differant intrumentation and the inclusion of samples from Vulcan Software's Valhalla series (Amiga versions).
Neat Tune
It's lying.
Wonderful Productions Sting
The logo music for Wonderful Productions, a company that doesn't exist.

Someone Elses

Traditional irish folk song, to which there are lyrics. I turned it into Octamed format as an exercise in reading musical notation. There is an "Acid Remix" of this, but I'm not going to give it to you :-P
Sound of Summer
Neither by me, nor encoded by me, or anything to do with me. But I like it, so it's here :-)
I have no idea who originally composed this, I got it from a coverdisk.
Originally going to be released as part of the opening of Vulcanfan, alas Vulcan beat me to it, so I'm putting it here instead. Once upon a time a magazine called Amiga Power put a mod on the coverdisk, made from some of the samples from Vulcan's Valhalla game. Here it is in MP3 form