You must have seen them, Anytime a community decide's it has enough members it creates a code that is unidentifiable as anything unless you feed it into a certian web page.

My collection is below

"Forget Quotes, Lets have some unidentifyable codes!"- anon, RIP ----- Begin Geekcode block ----------- GCS/LS/PA d+(-) s+:+ a--- C++++ U? P+ L !E W++ N+++ o? K- w+++++ O- M? V? PS+ PE++ Y+ PGP- t+ 5- X-- R tv++ b++++ DI+++ D++ G e* h! r y? ------ End Geekcodeblock ------------ ----- Begin AFPCodeblock ----------- AFP Code 1.1a AC/APA-UK d+ s+:s+ a-- u+ R++ F++ h+ p- OS++:+++ C+++ M-- pp--- L+ c B+ Cn PT-- Pu68+ 5 X-- MT+++ E+ r++ y? ------ End AFPCodeblock ------------ ----- Begin Gothcode ----------- rSeiba3qaOaaiaabbaa44gYNPGs-$:aifyevfh3aaaGb6k5Ia5mGeGaG$Hgegi$JIfcIjApacaaasNbacU9_Hblacbaqukkt ------ End Gothcode ------------ ----- Begin Britcode ----------- H---;-- a-- s++;++ hb- b- m- y X P- S- M++ R A- C--- T--- TV+ Ci Mu++ Am+ Ac--- B+++ V- ------ End Britcode ------------ ----- Begin Legocode ----------- DU++(3) FS-(@20) FB?(0) HM-(0) BV-(0) TO++(5) BO-(1) TR+++(0>>>) PA?(0) SP+(3) CA++++(10) PI-(5) AQ--(2) MT?(0) TC++(3) MOC+(!) S LS-- Hsu A-- YB81m ------ End Legocode ------------ ----- Begin Magiccode ----------- MCH/O S+++ W++ N++ PCH/SG+ Ds !Dd !Dr A a C+ G- Q- 666-- Y ------ End Magiccode ------------


AQ- = I do not have an AQUARION code
AQ+ = I Do have an AQUARION code and this is it.
AQ? = What the hell is an AQUARION code anyway?