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This is Sureality, This is the home of the surreal, the Fantastic and the just plain scary.
My life, in fact. This Page is devoted to the Webmaster of the Aquarion project:
Nicholas Avenell
Suitably self congratulatory? I think so. So stop reading this and explore! Go forth and Read about the Robert Rankin books and learn why a Sprout called Barry is living in Elvis's head and witness perplexion as you have never been perplexed before, Learn the secrets of surviving A-Levels in Friends and Family, Drop by the forum and see what's hot. And, if you really have to you can contact me with any constructive praise you wish to offer.

Just in case you are interested, this entire page was created with Notepad and Paint Shop Pro 5 (How? you ask, Ah ha I answer, crypticly) and was last updated 20/11/98