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The Prologue Meet

14/15th July 1999

Leia, Aquarion, Ce'Nedra, Walker, Krager, Urgit, Kamion, Polgara, LisaRose

Day One

Twas a dark and stormy night.

Actually, Twasn't very dark, not at first.

Come to think of it, The air lacked any kind of Stormy quality.

So, to summarise, It was a Dark and Stormy Night, without being either Dark or Stormy.

There are many ways I could have started this report, but the above exercise in blatant Pedantry is the best thing I can think of, but give me time. This was, never forget, my first ever meet.

Aquarion got to Leia's house. This apparently simple sentence in fact glosses neatly over several hours of wandering in London and being stranded at stations, but I eventually reached the station and was greeted by Leia and Hetter/Krager. The walk back included an interrogation as too how you are supposed to pronounce things, Rivan as in Riv-ann and not Ree-van, an argument which lasted the entire meet.

The next part of the meet was concerned with an elaborate game of Hunt the Kamion, as various members of AFE were relentlessly hounded from wherever they were to tell us Kamion's number. The orignial Rivan warder remained elusive, however, right up until the moment he walked though the door with Pol. Typical :-)

Quotes @ Leia's:
Krager:(To Kammy & Walkies) "Can I go between your legs?"

Drinks consumed and time advancing, it was decided that now was the optimum time to eat curry, Ce', at this point, and an idea which was to cause merriment, and decided to wear "the" boots (photos on there way...:) Against all the objections that were wordlessly raised, Ce' insisted upon wearing them, and so we went to catch the train...

Quotes on the Train:
Ce'Nedra: To Urgy "You can search every square inch of my body, and you won't find any"

Ce'Nedra: "It's even worse when your 13 stone boyfriend lies on your hair"
Walker: "Yeah, I hate that"

...Since Krager and Leia allegedly knew where we were going, they went in front.
It was almost at this point that the Murgo Dog got promoted to a Murgo Horse, Nobel and did his duty in giving the Dryad Princess a ride over the platforms, He was soon joined by Walker (...who possibly should be re-named Carrier...) in this endeavour (Again, Piccys on there way, Unless, of course, a donation to the Poor Aq2's fund is made :)

Then we took a series of tube trips, which blur into one after a while. I recall trying to climb an escalator the wrong way (...if you ever want to know how a hamster feels, That comes recomended ;-)...) and trying to remain upright and not holding on to the side as we went along on the tube

Quotes on the Tube:
Ce'Nedra:(To Urgy)"Mines longer than yours... Bet you haven't heard that from many women..."
Urgit: "Your's is longer, but mine's wider"

After a very long walk, we discovered the single most fantastic thing in the ancient city of Londinum

It was a bollard

And there it was we spent an entertaining 15 minutes, seeing how many AFE'ers you can balance on a Bollard. (If you are reading this in the boring, Text Only format, head over to Aquarion's Eddings page at http://natech.future.easyspace.com where pictures are, or will soon be. I assume many important things were discussed at the Curry house, Sadly, however, this part of the report is being done after tEC2, and I have consumed *way* too much alcohol since then to remember precisely. I remember, however, that we discovered that Pol didn't like curry, which was distressing since that is all the Curry House sold. Dunno why.

The journey back to Leia's house was memorable for me because we discovered that Aq2's last train went at the precise same time we got to Charing Cross, Therefore I had to crash at Leia's, which was lucky, or else I would never have found out... nevermind, I will explain later.

The rest of the evening was spend consuming alcohol - and wasting perfectly good red wine by feeding it to Leia's blue carpet, Well done that Horse-lord - and watching Bill Hick's videos. Bill Hicks was an American comedian, Find some of his videos and you may understand one of the comments on Aquarion's AFE Page. Ce'Nedra went to bed at 1:00, Urgit fell asleep soon after. Kamion had to leave at 6:30, so Krager kindly set his Mobile Phone alarm for then, so that he could go. "This Alarm will wake anything" he said. We went to sleep at 5:30, The alarm woke up at 6:30 precisely, and thus did Aquarion and Urgit

Kamion didn't

This was not really a problem, since Aq2 woke up Kamion

The problems began when it didn't wake Krager either, and he was the only person who could turn the bloody thing OFF!


The alarm repeated itself every 6 minutes for half an hour, the last 15 minutes it spent right up against Kragers ear. This is when I realised why Krager took that name. Eventually I turned it off, and totally failed to sleep again.

Day 2

Once everybody was "up and att'em" to a degree laid down at the Geneva Council, decisions were made for the day, Urgit expressed a desire to whisk Ce'Nedra to somewhere in London to "show her something", What this was has not been explained and neither of the 2 parties involved have disclosed this information to me. They have however disclosed it to Krager and Leia, however and anybody who is more curious to discover what it was than I am - And I have now lost interest in the entire thing - should approach one of them. Anyway, Me and Krager wandered around England's excitingly sunny, and depressingly hot capital (Leather Jacket = Bad Idea), we met the others - Leia had to stay home - and explored until we found a pub to take our lunch - liquid, naturally. Urgit then led us into and around Soho - very well in fact, considering this was his visit to here, Almost as if he had explored it very carefully before... Hmmmmmm... - and we went back to Leia's flat, via an off-lience, natch, and then to the nearest supermarket so that Urgy could collect ingrediants for his Curry, which was - in fact- delicious.

In between getting back from the supermarket and eating the curry, Lisa arrived bearing news, a post had been made to AFE saying that Teifling had dropped out of tEC2! Phone calls to Zubby revealed that this place could be filled by anybody, for example an Aq2. So, at 22:00, merely 14 hours before Aq1 would arrive at the Hostel, I was going to tEC2. The rest of the meet past in a blur (heh, either that or *I* am not reporting on the next bit) and at 11:30 I caught the last train from Charing Cross, already preparing notes to leave for my boss if he refused time off...

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