It all started in April, with my first part...

Name: AquarionAlternitives: none
A deliberately vague opening...

Bob was not known as the village wise man. But neither was he the village idiot, Nevertheless he had a sneaking suspicion that something was about to happen. He didn't know what exactly, but there was something new about the place. To start with he had heard rumours that somebody had built a large house right on the edge of the world. That wasn't all either. Once or twice he had got the feeling he was being watched, That some force was up there watching his every move. Most strange. A couple of years ago a man had come from the other side of the big hill, telling of a supreme being who looked over him and his tribe, This was strange, since he hadn't even been near the spotted mushrooms that some of the younger villagers liked so much. Bob was a wood cutter by trade, He cut down the trees to sell them to old Carpenter, who gave him objects made of wood which he swapped with local farmers for food for him and his family, He was just beginning work on an Oak that he thought would feed his family for a week when he saw the stranger, He - or she, it was difficult to tell - was wearing a shapeless Grey robe that hid his or her features, In the figures right hand was a staff only half a foot shorter than the figure. "Would you like some help?" asked the figure

Name: SamAlternitives: Jelle Spruyt
Sorry Jelle, but the Black sorcerer had more "dramatic possibilities"- Aquarion

Bob never liked the help of others; some of them were bandits, or even assassins. In the old days everything was peaceful, but since the rumours came about this 'large house on the edge of the world' and since more and more people got the feeling of being watched they became criminals. Things weren't no longer as peaceful as they used to be.
The stranger asked again:
"Would you like some help?". Bob wasn't sure, so he asked "Who is asking this?" The traveler didn't answer, only laughing filled the air. Bob got really scared, the person started laughing harder and harder, and suddenly the sky turned black. A really big storm came; rain, wind, and the scaring sound of demonic laughing... Bob returned to his house as fast as possible. The village roads were empty, everyone was scared and ran into their houses. So did Bob. His little dog Bobo tried to hide under the table, and Bob lit the fireplace. He took a bottle of wine and waited for the storm to stop. He thought about the stranger in the forest. "Who was he? Why was he laughing?" Suddenly he noticed he forgot his axe in the forest. He took his cloak, and left the house. The sky was black, and it was really dark now. The rain was falling down, and the wind was blowing hard. Suddenly a huge hand came out of the clouds, lifted up the roof of his house and he could hear Bobo scream. When he returned to his house bobo and the hand were gone...

20/5/99Name: Jelle SpruytAlternitives: WimTwister
Because Bobo was a loyal and a faithful friend, Bob went searching for his dog. He asked all villagers where it could be, but nobody knew... until a child - it couldn't be more then 8 - came running towards him. The boy, clearly still astonished, said he had seen everything from his hiding place against the storm: "(...) and then there was a VERY BIG hand", while trying to show with his arms," probably God's, coming out of the black clouds, lifting your roof, like it didn't weigh a thing, and then taking the terrified Bobo!" The boy continued: "Now why would He take your dog? Did Bobo do something wrong?" After Bob said:" No, my dog wouldn't do anything wrong", he thanked the kid and went to the village elder. Everyone went to Wilbur when they had a problem... Bob asked about information about giants. The elder slowly stood up and silently pointed at a bookshelf that might help him out. Hours later, he found a short article about a giant hand terrorizing a tribe. The story clearly showed great similarities with the boy's story... While memorizing the story, he took a look at the title of the book: "Titanic Tales". He showed Wilbur the book. Wilbur's face showed great curiosity and said: "Let me see that..."

03/6/99Name: Brian Dyg ArpAlternitives: Jelle Spruyt
Wilbur took a long look at the pages of the old book, his face grimacing as if he tried to remember.
"Ahhh yes..." he slowly said, resting his old body back against the chair "the titans... now I remember who gave me this book" his eyes glazing over, remembering quieter times.
"he he" he coughed, "it's only a tale" his voice lowering to a whisper.
"Long ago, long before any of you where born" he pointed his old bent
fingers at the crowd. "A man visited our village, Larmonn was his name. He claimed he was traveling from another realm."
Wilbur smirked "That my children was why he soon got the name most elders remember him by...'Larmonn the mad'"

20/6/99Name: Jelle SpruytAlternitives: none
Wilbur took a long look at the pages of the old book, his face grimacing as if he tried to remember.
"Good old Larmonn, he was the laughing-stock of the village. Nobody really understood him, you know. He was always busy doing his bizar experiments and he wrote down his findings in a book, the one you are holding in your hands. Strangely, he wrote everything down in the form of tales." Wilbur said.
"How did you get it?" Bob wondered.
"Well, one day he was gone. It was only days later that they found his body, crushed under a tree after a stormy night. The book was still in his hand, like he had been writing in it ..."
His face suddenly turned pale. "Oh no, Bob, let me see that!" Wilbur grabs the book and starts to turn over the blanc pages, until he reached the last page... "My God, here is written something."

"This means he was right, wasn't he? Say, Wilbur, did Larmonn used to wear a grey robe?". Wilbur startles, "The stranger in the forest was wearing the same, wasn't he?"... Bob nodded. "They've already entered this world", he said with a harsh tone...

28/08/99Name: AquarionAlternitives: none

"You are Correct." Said a voice by the door

The newcomer was a man of about medium height; he spoke in soft, educated tones, and looked about 30. Except his hair, which was deathly white. That wasn't the first striking thing about him though. Despite the storm still raging outside, the man did not appear to be wet.

Bob recognised him immediately as the person who had offered his assistance on the hill.

Wilbur recognised him too:

"Lammer" he said, and his voice contained fear

"Larmonn" corrected the figure. "Wilbur. So you are still alive, I see." He went up to Bob "I would forget about your dog if I were you" he suggested with menace, "The next time you see it you will not recognise it" Larmonn smiled, It was a expression frighteningly devoid of humour, "And he - It - will not even see you."

"What has happened to you Larmonn?" asked Wilbur. "When we last saw you, you were…"

"Mad?" Shouted Larmonn, "Because I thought that there were forces of evil coming into our quiet little world? Because I naively tried to warn you of the impending doom? Or because I went out to try to stop it?"

"But you died… I saw the tree… the book"

"My brother. He ran off with my book, hoping to use it to prove my madness, and get me locked away. I had already gone to face the Disaster"

Wilbur scoffed "And did you destroy this 'Disaster'" he said.

There was a long pause.

"No." said Larmonn very quietly, "It destroyed me."

He turned to look at Bob, and for an instant Bob could see directly into Larmonn's soul. What he saw was the soul of a man who has had been taken over by an evil so great that he will never escape its clutches. Then he saw, just for an instant, The terrified core of Larmonn, Still living, but never able to be in control of his own destiny again.

And then it was gone, replaced by the cold callousness of the Agent of Evil.

"Your pet has been claimed by Master for training. You have forfeited any claim on him as of this moment. When he returns from training he will no longer remember any detail of his time before his abduction." Then Larmonn turned on Wilbur

"Ancient one, you are held in respect by some members of this tribe, so I will pass this message to you for distribution to the rest. The storm currently active outside this hut will continue until my Master is satisfied with your worship of him. Members of your village must report to the castle and bow before him. Failure to do so will result in an increase of the storm until the village and all inside it are destroyed. Message ends."

And with that Larmonn turned and walked out of the hut, and vanished into the storm.

THE END... So Far...

What happens next? Answers on a postcard please...