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From: Aquarion (
Date: Mon Sep 02 2002 - 11:41:01 BST

On Sun, Sep 01, 2002 at 10:24:37PM +0100, Stuart Langridge wrote:
> Paul Freeman spoo'd forth:
> > I subscribed yesterday, but have been too busy to do anything about
> > it. :) The list focus idea sounds good to me too. I'd perhaps wait
> > until at least tomorrow, so that anyone who was going to subscribe
> > from work has a chance to do so.
> Sounds fair to me. Oh, Listmaster? Listmaster? Has "who <list>" as a
> majordomo command been disabled deliberately? Do people have a problem
> with other list subscribers knowing who's subscribed? It'd be
> useful/interesting/all of the above to see this...?

Not by me, but the Majordomo config that ships with the Cobalt server
Aqcom is currently on is strange and odd, and I'm still waiting to talk
to my host to get it moved to something Real.

In a move that will suprise neither Stuart nor Paul, The archives and
signup page have gone though five significant redesigns since I started
them this morning (including one diversion where I redesigned the whole
of Aqcom for a couple of hours, then deleted it). The good parts are
that it all nearly works, so it should be up tomorrow. Ish.

The alternative is that I move the mailinglist to my ADSL-connected
server, Reef, which /does/ have mailman, although that'll cause
complications. Doesn't everything?

In more on-topic news, My site now generates enough <LINK> tags to build
a daisy chain, and I'm looking at an alternative to TrackBack that works
more like Stuart mentioned (
codenamed WallGlass. Basically, it's a URI access model (say
although how it gets the address of what I called wallglass.php I'm not
sure. It's either in the <head> (<link rel="alternate"
type="application/wallglass+xml" title="Wallglass"
href="/wallglass.php">?) Or a defined place ($WEBLOG_ROOT/wallglass)

Any ideas?

On a subscription note, all those on the original CC (Me, sil, Paul,
Simon and Adrian) are now subscribed. Latest delay caused by me, because
I was subscribed as a local address, and so MajorDomo was rejecting
posts sent from outside and *DROPPING*THEM*SILENTLY*. Stupid system.

Mailman coming our way soon.


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