Re: Metadata of some use?

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From: Stuart Langridge (
Date: Tue Sep 03 2002 - 15:49:58 BST

mort spoo'd forth:
> as i was looking to my weblog' name in a pingback list, i realized how
> useful could be if my weblog's language (spanish) could be displayed in
> the list, so that non spanish-speaking people wouldn't waste their time
> visiting my site.
> So, extending the concept,do you think some kind of metadata about the
> "pinging" site (dublincore or something along that) could be passed
> optionally as a parameter? Would that be even remotely useful or not?

I don't like the idea of passing data in the ping -- pingback pings are
meant to be a simple "this page is talking about you" notion. The way I
think that this should be solved is for the pinged site to get details
from the pinging site. The pingback spec (which doesn't really exist
yet, but is sort of with extra
bonus stuff) already states that the pinged site has to check that the
pinging site does actually reference the pinged site. While it's doing
that, it could also be looking for lang attributes on the HTML tag, or
content-encodings on the XML tag, or something like that. That way it's
all taken care of by the pinged host, and if the pinged host doesn't
care about what language the pinging page is in it doesn't have to
think about it. If we add this to the ping itself then every single
pingback ping everywhere has to contain it, and it means that the spec
for pings will keep changing as we think up new data to pass.


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