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From: Aquarion (
Date: Sat Sep 07 2002 - 15:30:51 BST

On Sat, Sep 07, 2002 at 01:16:49PM +0100, Simon Willison wrote:
> At 13:52 07/09/2002 +0200, mort wrote:
> >I think using "pingbacks" as a label for the pingbacks link or list in a
> >weblog is not really useful. "Comments" is self-explanatory, but,
> >outside the ??12? people in the world aware of pingback development, why
> >sould anyone click in a unknown word like "pingback" or in a link filed
> >under "pingbacks"?
> On my blog, I'm hoping they'll click it out of curiosity ;)
> >So, suggestions to talk-about-pingbacks-without-saying-the-word ;)
> >
> >1) Further reading on today???s posts

Point of note, Mark isn't using trackback for them, he's looking at
referer headers, see (I'm
still wondering how Mark got to Aquarionics, but hey)

> >2) External comments to this post
> >3) What other people are writing about this post
> >4) (x) other people have considered this post worthy to write about

None of these really appeal to me, which is why I'm using "Pingback [?]"
where query is a link to the PingBack spec.

In other news...

Simon: A couple of your posts have been blocked because majordomo thinks
they are unsubscribe/subscribe requests. Working on this.

Archiver is probably a better solution for the archives anyway, so go
for it :-)

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