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From: mort (
Date: Sat Sep 07 2002 - 17:55:40 BST

On Sat, 2002-09-07 at 18:35, Simon Willison wrote:

> The file consists of a <pingback> element containing multiple <interface>
> elements, and <interface> elements can include other interface elements
> inside an <alternatives> block. The above file translates as:

To me a bunch of alternatives

<alternative id="0">

<alternative id="1">

everyone with a set of interfaces makes more sense. And you could use
ids to indicate preferred order.

> As you can see, the file can ask for linkers to use multiple interfaces
> (send me an xml-rpc thingy AND email me), and can also specify alternative
> interfaces for clients that are unable to satisfy certain requests.

This AND / OR syntax is very nice.
> One potential problem with the above is that interface details are
> contained as a single block of CDATA. This is pretty inflexible - for
> example, it would be better if PingBack servers were indicated with a host,
> path and port

these seem natural attributes of the type="xmlrpc"

and it would be good if email addresses could request a
> specific subject. Any ideas for a way of adding that to the above format

the email thing could follow mailto: syntax.

How about that?

or maybe <interface type="email" to="to" at="server" subject="subject">

Ditto for jabber

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