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From: Stuart Langridge (
Date: Mon Sep 09 2002 - 03:57:22 BST

Simon Willison spoo'd forth:
> This is currently achieved using XML-RPC, but should we open up the spec to
> alternative methods? This would make it a lot easier for people to
> implement things - for example:
> Or even a form on your blog:
> """
> If you link to this site and do not have a PingBack enabled blogging tool,
> please use this form to inform us of the link:
> Page Linked From: _________________________ (URL, including the http://)
> Page Linked To: _________________________ (URL, including the http://)
> """

See, we're not talking about Pingback here, I don't think. Instead,
we're talking about services layered on top of Pingback. Doing this is
like, say, XML-RPC itself is; it's a service on top of HTTP. It's not
defined in the HTTP spec; instead, they took a simple already-existing
protocol and used it as part of a more complex protocol. If someone
wanted to add that kind of service themselves, great! If lots of people
are going to add it, perhaps it should be specced as
PingbackQuerystring or something, but I don't think it should be part
of the base PB specification.

This is why I liked the idea of services like this running on a central
server, where you go and fill in that form (rather than everyone
running a pingbackable blog putting those forms on their site).

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