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From: Adrian Holovaty (adrianholovaty@hotmail.com)
Date: Mon Sep 23 2002 - 18:22:21 BST

Here's a new feature I implemented on my blog this weekend: "smart
anchoring." I don't believe it's been done anywhere else.

It's basically an artificially intelligent means of linking blog entries to
one another. If Entry A and Entry B are two blog entries on a blog's home
page, traditionally a link from Entry A to Entry B takes you to Entry B's
permalink page -- even though Entry B is already loaded on the home page.
Smart anchoring fixes that. In my new system, if both entries are on the
same page, a link between them will be a simple anchor link up or down the
page. If entries are *not* on the same page, the link will be the standard

It's all in the name of making a more usable and bandwidth-efficient site.

For an example, see http://holovaty.com/ and scroll down to "Holovaty.com
site improvements". The link "this link" in the second bullet item points to
the next blog entry. It'll be a target tag on this page (and the Sept. 2002
archive page), but a normal permalink on any other page (and in the RSS

That make any sense? It's kind of hard to explain.


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