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From: Stuart Langridge (
Date: Mon Sep 23 2002 - 19:59:54 BST

Adrian Holovaty spoo'd forth:
> Here's a new feature I implemented on my blog this weekend: "smart
> anchoring." I don't believe it's been done anywhere else.
> It's basically an artificially intelligent means of linking blog entries to
> one another. If Entry A and Entry B are two blog entries on a blog's home
> page, traditionally a link from Entry A to Entry B takes you to Entry B's
> permalink page -- even though Entry B is already loaded on the home page.
> Smart anchoring fixes that. In my new system, if both entries are on the
> same page, a link between them will be a simple anchor link up or down the
> page. If entries are *not* on the same page, the link will be the standard
> permalink.

Makes sense, although you have to be careful, if you're linking to a
post, to link to its permalink -- can internal anchor URLs be
pingbacked, for example? I can see how this is useful if you have
archives displaying full posts as well as individual post pages -- I
don't, so I shan't be using it :)

How did you implement it? Are your posts stored in the back end with
some kind of intermediary link representation format (say, it says
<AHLINK post="3234">) and then every post that's displayed is rewritten
to have proper links on the fly, or do you store posts with proper
permalinks in them and then rewrite permalinks to be local anchors on
pages where that would be appropriate?

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           -- Tanuki
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