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From: Adrian Holovaty (adrianholovaty@hotmail.com)
Date: Mon Sep 23 2002 - 20:36:12 BST

Stuart wrote:
>Makes sense, although you have to be careful, if you're
>linking to a post, to link to its permalink -- can internal
>anchor URLs be pingbacked, for example?

Pingback isn't a concern for me (yet), so I haven't thought about this. On
first thought, I would assume people would know to use the "Permalink" link
to get an entry's permalink for linking, instead of the "anchor-tagged"
version. Then again, it could be confusing -- for example, some people might
think permalinks for entries on the Sept. 2002 archive page (which displays
all full entries from that month) are those anchor-tagged versions.

>How did you implement it? Are your posts stored in the
>back end with some kind of intermediary link representation
>format (say, it says <AHLINK post="3234">) and then every
>post that's displayed is rewritten to have proper links on
>the fly, or do you store posts with proper permalinks in
>them and then rewrite permalinks to be local anchors on
>pages where that would be appropriate?

The former. Everything's stored in my db using an intermediary format, and
the links are generated on the fly. This way, if I should ever want to
change my URL scheme for some reason, I'd just have to change a variable in
one place, and all internal links would remain valid. (It's separation of
content from presentation on an even deeper level.)

Of course, changing my URL scheme would be a bad idea; a better example is
that these links could be repurposed for a different medium, such as
hypertext PDF, if I should ever want to generate a PDF document of my blog
entries for some silly reason.


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