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From: mort (manuel@netbustion.com)
Date: Tue Oct 01 2002 - 15:30:47 BST

Hi list,

i'm majoring in Psychology at the University of Oviedo
(http://www.uniovi.es), Spain.
Inspired by Simon
(http://simon.incutio.com/archive/2002/09/23/#bloggingMyLectureNotes) i
thought it would be cool setting up a 'lecture notes blog'. It's not
intended as an individual effort but as a team of editors blogging every
single class along the year.

So, i downloaded MT, learned to set it up and, alas, Jerjes is born
http://mort.mine.nu:8080/jerjes/ (lang="es", but the structure is
probably familiar ;)

At the moment, it's only a prototype. Every different course is a
category and you can browse by date, last entries, or a course/category
archive that includes a little metadata (teacher's name, schedules,
exams' date,etc..) I'm working in a companion white paper/FAQ to present
weblogs to the neophyte and proving why lecture notes and weblogs are
quite a good match (chronological flow, strongly categorized

To-do ideas:

1) an aggregator system that lets every user make his/her own weblog of
relevant courses (RSS/RDF transparent to the user)
2) Requesting some 'subject keywords' from the teachers (+/-10), parsing
the posts for those keywords and making them into links to other posts
than share that word. For example, turning every appearance of "Freud"
into a link to a search result page for "Freud" in all the courses'

3) doing the same with the most repeated user searches. For example, if
"synapse" is not provided by the teachers as a keyword but shows in the
top 10 searched terms list... same as above.

4) The whole autoback issue should fit in, still don't know exactly how

Lots of more ideas, but most of them too green yet

So, i'd love some feedback. Some proposed themes:

1) Worth A Try vs. Waste Of Time (Also known as the WTF? question :-)

2) Current system's IA good vs. Current system's IA crap

3) Proposed features: are they worth it?

4) Non proposed features that should be. Am i missing something

At some point, i'll take my prototype and working notes and present them
to the high powers at my uni. I could even ask for some budget, if i'm
crazy enough ;)


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