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From: mort (manuel@netbustion.com)
Date: Fri Sep 06 2002 - 02:36:16 BST

Today i made the first succesful pingback from my b2 blog to
kryogenix.org. I'll post the hack tomorrow after cleaning it a bit.
I hope you'll have some spare time to suggest improvements :-)
(by the way,I'll also post a spanish translation of the pingback spec)

A couple of things,

a) i'm using the Snoopy class (snoopy.sourceforge.net) for remote pages
retrieval. Is it a sound approach or maybe a bit overkill?

b) i'm also logging the "transactions" for each post (explored links,
pingback server found / not found, server host and path if found,etc..)

Consider this scenario

Given that a central repository of pingback servers exists as proposed
by Simon, once in a while, my blog tool uploads its logs to this central
repository, so they can be parsed.

Possible uses:

- Servers that exists in the logs but not in the repository can be
double-checked and added
- Warnings about unreachable servers.
- Statistics of most pingedpack stories, etc...

This way information flows both from repository to blogware *and* from
blogware to repository.

A XML syntax for the logs could go

<post permalink="">
<timestamp> </timestamp>
<link url="">
<status>200 OK</status>
<response>Thanks for pingingback!</response>





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