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From: Simon Willison (simon@incutio.com)
Date: Sat Sep 07 2002 - 12:13:57 BST

At 03:36 06/09/2002 +0200, mort wrote:
>A couple of things,
>a) i'm using the Snoopy class (snoopy.sourceforge.net) for remote pages
>retrieval. Is it a sound approach or maybe a bit overkill?

Definitely not overkill - Snoopy is a very handy piece of code :)

>b) i'm also logging the "transactions" for each post (explored links,
>pingback server found / not found, server host and path if found,etc..)
>Consider this scenario
>Given that a central repository of pingback servers exists as proposed
>by Simon, once in a while, my blog tool uploads its logs to this central
>repository, so they can be parsed.
>Possible uses:
>- Servers that exists in the logs but not in the repository can be
>double-checked and added
>- Warnings about unreachable servers.
>- Statistics of most pingedpack stories, etc...
>This way information flows both from repository to blogware *and* from
>blogware to repository.
>A XML syntax for the logs could go
><post permalink="">
><timestamp> </timestamp>
><link url="">
><status>200 OK</status>
><response>Thanks for pingingback!</response>

Now that's an interesting idea - definitely worth thinking about. It could
even be extended to act as an optional internal storage format for blogging
tools to use. Rather than create yet another XML format we could consider
using RDF - that way people can "subscribe" to their blog's pingback feed
with a standard desktop aggregator :)



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