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From: mort (
Date: Sat Sep 07 2002 - 13:57:22 BST

On Sat, 2002-09-07 at 13:13, Simon Willison wrote:
> At 03:36 06/09/2002 +0200, mort wrote:
> >A couple of things,
> >
> >a) i'm using the Snoopy class ( for remote pages
> >retrieval. Is it a sound approach or maybe a bit overkill?
> Definitely not overkill - Snoopy is a very handy piece of code :)

I've dropped it however for simple fopen/fread. Reasons

a) i want to talk with Michael, the b2 creator, about including the
patch within the b2 distribution, and i think the less files to include,
the better.

b) i want to fetch only the first 3kb of the linkedto page and i don't
know if Snoopy can grab partial content.

> Now that's an interesting idea - definitely worth thinking about. It could
> even be extended to act as an optional internal storage format for blogging
> tools to use. Rather than create yet another XML format we could consider
> using RDF - that way people can "subscribe" to their blog's pingback feed
> with a standard desktop aggregator :)

I don't know a thing about RDF but could be the time to learn about it


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