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From: Aquarion (
Date: Tue Sep 10 2002 - 05:37:10 BST

On Tue, Sep 10, 2002 at 12:17:20AM +0000, Ian Hickson wrote:
> On Mon, 9 Sep 2002, Aquarion wrote:
> > >
> > > And ironically no X-Pingback HTTP header! What's this then. :-P
> >
> > Me, disagreeing with the X-Pingback idea, as noted elsewhere :-)
> Must've missed that, or confused it with the comments from someone else.
> How do you propose handling pingback on, e.g., text/plain documents?

I don't. I saw - and see - pingback as a tool for webloggers. Making it
a general purpose "I linked to you" opens it further to abuse. When it
was a way of tracking conversation within the community, I support it.
As something that is done better by reading your referal logs, I
disagree with it.

> > > * you provide metadata but do not include a profile
> > This I don't understand
> >From HTML4:
> # This specification does not define a set of legal meta data
> # properties. The meaning of a property and the set of legal values for
> # that property should be defined in a reference lexicon called a profile.
> --

This is something of which I was unaware, and am now going to ignore.
Why? Because having read the above, and looked around it, the *only*
meta header profile I can find is the Dublincore one, and there are
/none/ that support the generally used Description and Keyword tags.
> > > * You use "bookmark" link types, but they point outside the "extended
> > > document" in question, which is invalid per HTML 4.01.
> >
> > Not anywhere within it that I can find. Query?
> Well, for instance:
> <LINK rel="bookmark" title="diveintomark" href="">LF
> not a bookmark into your site (the "extended document").

When you said this, I thought that this was some strange <link> tag
thing I hadn't seen before. The fact that rel=bookmark is actually
defined somewhere before never even occoured to me :-)

I've moved it to being called "Blogroll"
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