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From: Ian Hickson (
Date: Thu Sep 26 2002 - 18:34:36 BST

On 26 Sep 2002, mort wrote:
> This pretty much sums it up:
>| I don't have a "discuss" link on this blog for a reason:

FWIW, neither do I, because if people want to discuss stuff I think they
should get their own blog and pingback mine with their comments. If I
wanted to be a bulletin board moderator I would have installed a bulletin
board, not a blog. But anyway...

>| I think that it's a Good Thing that this blog medium is different
>| than a traditional electronic discussion medium - relying on human
>| mechanisms to "spread the word" about interesting referrals, rather
>| than technical mechanisms.(...) But for organizing discussion ..
>| I'm thinking right now that I'd prefer to stick with human talkback
>| rather than automated pingback.
> -- Ray Ozzie,
> So, if i'm getting it right (i may not) somehow it's better to learn
> some one has linked to you from a friend's email or phone call than
> from pingback. Go figure. I wonder if they feel Google is too
> "automated" and prefer random surfing for research?

That's what I understood from it too, but given that, why on earth
would someone want to use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, RSS, referrer
tracking, and any number of the other "technical mechanisms" that Ray
uses, to spread the word in the first place?

Seems like a very strange point of view.


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