Re: [blogite] Pingback considered harmful?

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From: Paul Freeman (
Date: Thu Sep 26 2002 - 20:54:48 BST

mort wrote:

> This pretty much sums it up:

> "I don't have a "discuss" link on this blog for a reason: I think that
> it's a Good Thing that this blog medium is different than a traditional
> electronic discussion medium - relying on human mechanisms to "spread
> the word" about interesting referrals, rather than technical
> mechanisms.(...) But for organizing discussion .. I'm thinking right now
> that I'd prefer to stick with human talkback rather than automated
> pingback."

> Ray Ozzie -

That's rather extreme.

I think it comes down to them thinking that not every link to their
post is actually worthy of being a pingback. Their ideal is that
every trackback is a "here is something extra that is adding to the
conversation and is interesting" and not a "
excellent link, read" type post.

Of course, you could set a trackback up for the latter type as easily
as the former, and I'm not sure what they think they are losing by
having the process automated by pingback.


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