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From: mort (manuel@netbustion.com)
Date: Sat Sep 07 2002 - 12:52:27 BST

Hi, this is more an usability question that a tech one.

I think using "pingbacks" as a label for the pingbacks link or list in a
weblog is not really useful. "Comments" is self-explanatory, but,
outside the ¿12? people in the world aware of pingback development, why
sould anyone click in a unknown word like "pingback" or in a link filed
under "pingbacks"?

I really like how Mark Pilgrim uses "Further reading on today’s posts"
to label his trackbacks, so the readers don't have to wonder what a in
the world a "trackback" is.

So, suggestions to talk-about-pingbacks-without-saying-the-word ;)

1) Further reading on today’s posts
2) External comments to this post
3) What other people are writing about this post
4) (x) other people have considered this post worthy to write about

I even think of pingbacks as another class of comments to the post, so
they can be displayed after visitors comments, "comments outside this

Any thoughts on this?


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