Re: [blogite] Pingback considered harmful?

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From: C. Cooke (
Date: Thu Sep 26 2002 - 21:56:51 BST

On 26 Sep 2002, mort wrote:

> El jue, 26-09-2002 a las 18:53, Ian Hickson escribió:
> >
> > Could someone explain the issue here using a simple sentence? I really
> > don't get it. I've read all the posts I could find on it but I had no clue
> > what they meant. :-|
> >
> This pretty much sums it up:
> "I don't have a "discuss" link on this blog for a reason: I think that
> it's a Good Thing that this blog medium is different than a traditional
> electronic discussion medium - relying on human mechanisms to "spread
> the word" about interesting referrals, rather than technical
> mechanisms.(...) But for organizing discussion .. I'm thinking right now
> that I'd prefer to stick with human talkback rather than automated
> pingback."
> Ray Ozzie -
> So, if i'm getting it right (i may not) somehow it's better to learn
> some one has linked to you from a friend's email or phone call than from
> pingback. Go figure. I wonder if they feel Google is too "automated" and
> prefer random surfing for research?
> I'll be happy to know i'm missing some English language subtlety cos
> otherwise it sounds plain dumb to me :-)

Not everyone is you. Not everyone is like you. there is plenty of room in
the world for people who don't like pingback or trackback or the like to
coexist with you...

Hell, most of the weblogging community would rather burn at the stake than
use a system like mine, but it works well for *me* :-)

echo -ne "\033#8";X=`tput cols`;Y=`tput lines`;((a=$X/2));((b=$Y/2));d=1;while \
case $d in 0)((a=a<2?X:a-1));;1)((b=b<2?Y:b-1));;2)((a=a==X?1:a+1));;3)((b=b==Y\
?1:b+1));; esac;do ((c=b+a*X));v=${k[c]:- };[ $v. = @. ]&&{((d=d>2?0:d+1));k[c]\
="";}||{(( d=d<1?3:d-1));k[c]=@;};echo -ne "\033[$b;${a}H$v";done #Charles Cooke
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