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From: Adrian Holovaty (
Date: Thu Sep 05 2002 - 16:44:05 BST

Stuart's comments are quoted throughout:
>Are we not going to see becoming pingbackable, then? ;)

I'll definitely join the trend, but it'll take me a while for me to get
things working. Simon has provided some great links on his blog; I've
bookmarked those but haven't had time to read 'em yet. Soon. :)

>I think [custom RSS] is cool, I'm just at a loss as to an actual
>*use* for it ;)

Oh, come on. You mean an RSS feed of recent blog entries containing the word
"gigantic" isn't useful?

>MT emails me when I get a new comment posted...

I think other readers are often interested in latest comments, too. People
click it, according to my server logs, so there must be some value there.
Depends on the site, though...I'm trying to use comments as discussions more
than just one-way comments.

>You have to be generating a *lot* of content for someone to want this,
>though, I'd think? I can see, maybe, "email me when something new is
>posted in category X", if you liked reading, say, Mark Pilgrim's posts
>about Python but didn't care about personal stuff.
>Hm: defined views on a blog? You can tell it "never show me anything in
>the following categories"...?

The category idea is a lot smarter than my random search word idea. And
you're right -- you'd have to be generating mucho content.

The "defined views" idea reminds me of something else I've been thinking
about lately. It might be cool to give readers the option of only displaying
new blog entries. Simple to do, using cookies. Another spin on this: Show
the *full* entries for the new entries, and only show headlines for the
remaining 5, or however many else. Kinda like Mark Pilgrim's "Older posts"
but a bit smarter and more personalized.

> would be a lot easier :)

Oh. Yeah. Of course. Why didn't I think of that? I do, however, like the
idea of using the poster's name in the URL, because it's a little
friendlier. If a person posts more than once in a day, append a number, e.g.


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