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From: Stuart Langridge (
Date: Fri Sep 27 2002 - 01:34:17 BST

Paul Freeman spoo'd forth:
["human talkback" rather than "automatic trackback"]
> I think it comes down to them thinking that not every link to their
> post is actually worthy of being a pingback. Their ideal is that
> every trackback is a "here is something extra that is adding to the
> conversation and is interesting" and not a "
> excellent link, read" type post.

Mm; the idea from people with that sort of opinion seems to me to be
similar, yes; that they're finding that automated linking notifies them
of a lot of chaff links that they're not interested in, and it's
difficult to sort out the "wheat" -- the links that they think are

I don't understand this. There's nothing stopping a blogger, if they're
longing for "human talkback", to continue to use whatever methods they
use *now* to discover who's offering useful commentary on their posts,
and just installing an automated "show *everyone* talking about this
post" system (whether pingback, trackback, whatever) for other people
to follow and look at the *whole* of a conversation. Personally, I love
this whole automatic thing; blogs notifying other blogs of links,
changes, whatever, RSS automatically being read into aggregators, etc,
etc. But if you don't like it, it doesn't have to affect you if it
still goes on; it's a thing over and above the more "primitive"
(although for some people more satisfying) non-automatic methods.


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